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What is Physiotherapy?


Physiotherapy involves the diagnosis, treatment, management of movement dysfunction and enhancement of physical functional abilities. Physical therapy includes the examination, evaluation, and treatment provided by a physical therapist.

Treatment is directed toward the restoration, maintenance and promotion of optimal physical function. Treatment includes the recovery of current symptoms and the prevention of the progression of impairments, functional limitations, and disabilities that may result from diseases, disorders, conditions, and/or injuries.

More Services:

Ofrord Physios offers a full range of orthopedic, sports and fitness testing in addition to treatment for disorders, conditions and injuries:

Treatment for injury to ankle/foot, knee, hip, shoulder, back/neck/head, elbow/hand
Evaluation and treatment of pain or discomfort during exercise or movement
Fitness evaluation; flexibility, strength, body composition, posture, balance and aerobic conditioning
    Customized orthotics
    Sports injuries
    Post surgical
    On the job injuries (L&I)
    Auto accidents (MVA)

Dr Ali Reza Jamshidifard 
Dr Saman Jamshidifard 

Who we are:

  • Physiotherapists are all fully registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). That means they’ve got a university degree programme under their belt, and a minimum of a thousand hours of clinical training. You’re in good hands.

  • Licensed physical therapists with continued postgraduate PhD degrees and training.

  • All Members of Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (MCSP).

  • 60 minute treatment sessions.

  • Treatments designed to fit your individual and personal needs.

  • The use of the most progressive treatment techniques to help with your recovery from pain and lack of limb flexibility, coordination, balance, endurance, speed and strength.

Why us:


What makes Oxford Physios special is the people. We treat everyone in our practice with the care and respect that a family member would deserve. 

We believe that a synthesis of modern technique and human touch produces optimal results.

Patients in our practice become an expert in the management of their condition by the time of discharge.

We pride ourselves in our ability to educate as well as treat.

Our patients respond well to our attentive, safe and positive environment.

At Oxford Physios , we are 100% committed to patient care.

Dr Sepehr Jamshidifard 
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